Nov 11

Last month we announced that Kaitlyn was back from Toronto full of knowledge and training on kinesio taping specific to women’s health. It’s now a service we offer in conjunction with your massage appointments and we thought we’d provide a little more information on what k-taping is and how it can help!

What is kinesio taping?

K-taping for pregnancy
Beautiful pregnant woman with therapeutic tape on her back. Pregnancy and back pain. Alternative therapeutic taping therapy.

Better known as k-taping or KT treatment, kinesio taping is a non-invasive application of cotton/elastic tape that helps improve a diverse amount of conditions. This treatment can be used on its own or in conjunction with manual therapy such as massage therapy.

How does kinesio taping work?

K-taping overrides and interrupts the body’s pain stimuli through manually stimulating the mechanoreceptors of skin and superficial muscle tissue to alter the perception of pain.

In other words, depending on the condition, k-taping is placed strategically on areas of the body.

Who does k-taping benefit?

Kinesio taping can help just about everyone! From individuals with postural issues, SI joint issues, pre and postpartum patients, as well as infants. Furthermore, it’s non-invasive, water resistant, baby safe, long lasting and allows you to maintain full mobility

If you’re not sure if k-taping can help you, feel free to get in touch with us and ask.

How long can you wear the tape?

With proper application k-tape can be worn from a few days to 2 weeks. It will also gradually begin to come off on its own and that’s ok!

Are there any precautions or things to keep in mind when using kinesio tape?

K-tape is not to be used if you:

  • are allergic to silicone or acrylic
  • have open wounds or unhealed scars
  • are in the first trimester of pregnancy
  • have psoriasis, shingles, or skin dermatitis
  • have have a heart condition such as chronic heart failure
  • are taking anticoagulants and do not ave medical clearance

How often will I need k-tape?

This is condition and client-dependent. Generally we’ll start with a light application and monitor and see how you feel. Then we’ll progress with additional treatment.

Want to know about the benefits of kinesio taping for pregnancy and postpartum women? Check out our post on the benefits for women’s health here.