Welcome Madison Downton!

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Welcome Madison Downton!

We are pleased to announce that Madison Downton, R.Ac, will be joining Monica Patt Acupuncture as an Associate Acupuncturist as of November 15th, 2017.

Madison’s first experience with acupuncture was at the age of fourteen. Her entire family was receiving acupuncture and she saw first hand the numerous benefits it had to offer. She was amazed at how the placement of a few needles in the body could have such a positive impact on a person’s health.

Madison completed her studies in acupuncture at Grant MacEwan University and is a Registered Acupuncturist with the College & Association of Acupuncturists of Alberta (CAAA). Before becoming a Registered Acupuncturist, she studied Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta. Having both a Western and Eastern perspective of the human body enhances Madison’s skills in the application of both acupuncture and Chinese medicine to provide her clients with the best possible outcome.

Madison has a special interest in treating sports injuries, muscle imbalances and pain in addition to women’s reproductive health and emotional well-being.

Madison Downton

Book online anytime https://www.schedulista.com/schedule/monicapattregisteredacupuncturist

My Personal Experience with IVF

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IVF Blog Post Image

My husband and I recently completed the first part of our IVF cycle. I was on the max dose of Menopur and Puregon meaning two needles per night for the first week or so. My husband did my injections for me as I just couldn’t bring myself to do it! I do acupuncture for a living giving my self a needle should be no big deal right? Wrong! I just couldn’t do it.

When you are taking fertility injections you feel like the clock runs your life. You need to do your injections at the same time every night in the same order. I was bloated, getting headaches within 30 minutes of my stim injections and feeling as sexy as a bag of potatoes. This made dressing for work a challenge but lucky a lot of my clients are also going through IVF or IUI procedures.

After multiple ultrasounds measuring my follicle growth another injection is introduced to suppress ovulation. Three needles per night at exactly 7:30 pm.

When my follicles were measuring the right size and egg collection was within the next 36 hours I took my trigger injection. My husband picked it up from the pharmacy for me and it had to be kept cold and in the fridge. When we did the injection exactly 36 hours prior to collection I can tell you that was the one I liked the least! Within 30 minutes I had a blinding headache and decided to go to bed early.

On my egg retrieval I had 13 follicles all from my left ovary. 10 were mature, meaning they measured the right amount, and 8 fertilized with ICSI. Now we wait for the call from the embryologist on three days post retrieval.

Waiting for the call is nerve wracking. If you have had problems conceiving you know that waiting is a lot of what you do. Waiting and hoping.

Three days post retrieval finally came and we had 7 embryos with 5 at good quality and 2 fair. Now we wait until we hear again from the embryologist in the next few days. The next call is six days post retrieval and we have three embryos that they have frozen. Two five-day embryos and one six-day embryo.

Since our cycle was a freeze all (my estrogen was too high to do a fresh transfer) we wait until we are ready to precede with the next step the frozen embryo transfer. Repeat certain testing and starting a new round of drugs to prepare the endometrium for the FET. Until then we wait.

Male Factor Infertility & Subfertility

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Male Factor Infertility

Male factor infertility accounts for approximately 20% of infertile couples and a contributing factor in 20-40% of couples trying to conceive.

A semen analysis is collected when a couple has been trying to conceive to rule out any male factors. The main areas considered are sperm count (overall sperm in the ejaculate), motility (how far the sperm can swim) and morphology (percentage of normal shaped sperm without head, mid piece or tail defects).

Acupuncture can help increase sperm count, motility and quality. Spermatogenesis (the production of sperm) takes 60 to 90 days. Acupuncture treatments are recommend at a frequency  of twice per week for 5 weeks.

In a study published in Fertility and Sterility measured 28 men with low sperm count, poor motility and poor morphology received acupuncture twice per week over the course of 5 weeks. Statistical evaluation of the data showed significant increase in normal sperm morphology and total motility in the acupuncture group versus the men that did not receive acupuncture in the control group. With the conclusion, in conjunction with ART or even for reaching natural fertility potential, acupuncture treatment is a simple, noninvasive method that can improve sperm quality.

Sperm quality also increased in males with subfertility related to low sperm count after acupuncture treatments. Sixteen sub fertile patients where analyzed 1 month before and after acupuncture treatment at a treatment frequency of twice per week for 5 weeks. Significant improvement of total functional sperm, percentage of viability and total motility was found. Suggesting patients with reduced sperm activity may benefit from acupuncture treatment.


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Acupuncture Improves Outcome of IVF and ICSI

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Acupuncture IVF ICSI

Acupuncture Improves Outcome of IVF with ICSI

A study published in 2006 in the journal of Fertility and Sterility indicates luteal-phase acupuncture has a positive effect on the outcome of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

250 patients undergoing IVF/ICSI where divided into two groups. The first group receiving acupuncture according to the principles of Chinese medicine, and the control group receiving placebo acupuncture.

The first group received acupuncture after embryo transfer (ET) and again 3 days later. The control group received placebo acupuncture at the same intervals with the design of the placebo acupuncture not to influence the fertility rates.

Implantation rate was significantly higher in the acupuncture group with a clinic pregnancy rate of 33.6% and ongoing pregnancy rate of 28.4% compared to the acupuncture placebo group at the rates of 15.6% pregnancy rate and 13.8% ongoing pregnancy rate.

This study concludes that luteal-phase acupuncture has positive effect on the outcome of IVF/ICSI.


Effect of acupuncture on the outcome of in vitro fertilization and intracytoplasmic sperm injection: a randomized, prospective, controlled clinical study Dieterle, Stefan et al. Fertility and Sterility , Volume 85 , Issue 5 , 1347 – 1351 Retrieved from http://www.fertstert.org/article/S0015-0282(06)00213-5/pdf

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