Feb 07

Edmonton weather has been wild this year, don’t you agree? And with it, all of these dramatic temperature shifts bring a host of challenges to our health and well-being. While traditional prevention measures during flu season, such as vaccination and hand hygiene, play an important role in protecting us from the flu, as an Edmonton acupuncture clinic we are seeing an increasing number of individuals are turning to complementary approaches to boost their immunity and enhance their body’s natural defenses. In case you didn’t know, acupuncture can be a wonderful way to support the immune system during the flu season. Today, we are going to dive further into the benefits of acupuncture during flu season. 


Edmonton acupuncturist with client discussing acupuncture during flu season


Understanding Acupuncture

First, a tiny history lesson on how acupuncture works to support your overall health and wellness. Acupuncture’s roots stretch back over 2,000 years. It is based on the principle of balancing the body’s life force, or Qi, which flows through pathways (meridians). According to traditional Chinese medicine, illness arises from imbalances in the Qi. Acupuncture seeks to restore this balance by inserting fine needles at specific points along the meridians, restoring the flow.

From a Western medical perspective, acupuncture stimulates the nervous system which influences the production of your body’s natural painkillers and immune cells. If the thought of tiny needles makes you nervous, we want you to know first and foremost that acupuncture is a highly regulated health practice, and we take your safety very seriously here. We are more than happy to chat more about this in your initial consultation if you’re feeling nervous (we don’t judge!).

Acupuncture and the Immune System

Knowing this, research suggests that acupuncture can have a positive effect on the immune system. Studies have shown an increase in white blood cell count and a better regulation of the immune system response after acupuncture treatments. These effects suggest that acupuncture can help prepare the body to fight off infections. Enhancing the body’s natural immune system equips your body better to fight off illness.


relieving stress through acupuncture in winterAcupuncture During Flu Season

During flu season, acupuncture can serve as a valuable complement to traditional flu prevention strategies. Not only do regular acupuncture treatments boost the body’s immune response, reducing the likelihood of falling ill, but acupuncture may also lessen the severity and duration of flu symptoms if they do occur. While these accounts are anecdotal, they do clearly highlight the correlation of acupuncture to contribute to overall health and resilience during flu season.


Practical Tips for Acupuncture Sessions

Ready to get some of these health benefits for yourself? To experience the benefits of acupuncture for immune support, it’s important to find a qualified and licensed acupuncturist. Hi – you’ve found us! During your first session, expect a comprehensive health assessment so we can curate a unique treatment plan for you. Acupuncture can help treat a variety of ailments, but for immune support during flu season, a frequency of sessions ranging from once a week to biweekly is often recommended. It does depend on individual needs and conditions. 

Preventative Measures and Self-Care Tips

Complementing acupuncture with other natural immunity boosters can further enhance your body’s defense mechanisms. In our experience, adopting a holistic approach to health during flu season is key. This includes following public health advice for flu prevention, such as getting vaccinated, practicing good hand hygiene, and wearing masks in crowded places. Engaging in regular physical activity, maintaining a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals, and ensuring adequate sleep are all crucial for supporting the immune system. Managing stress through acupuncture, mindfulness, yoga, and meditation, can also play a significant role in maintaining health during this time.

Embracing Holistic Health With Acupuncture During Flu Season

As we navigate flu season and changing weather together, we would love to encourage you to consider acupuncture. It’s a great way to offer additional support to your immune system. Our clinic, voted Edmonton’s Top Choice acupuncture clinic in 2024, is committed to providing high-quality care and expertise in Edmonton acupuncture. If that’s what you need, contact us now for more information. Together, we can work towards enhancing your natural defenses and promoting a healthy, balanced life. Still on the fence? Take a look at our reviews!