May 28

Pregnancy massage is often highly recommended and raved about by pregnant women…but have you ever heard of postpartum massage?

A woman’s body experiences so many physical and emotional changes during and after pregnancy. The body changes that come up after you have a baby are very real and just as important as the things you felt when you were pregnant.

massage postpartumCommon postpartum changes can include:

  • Changes in your joints: they might feel unstable or hyper-mobile
  • Back and shoulder pain: from breastfeeding and carrying your child
  • Poor posture: from abdominal weakness after birth
  • General fatigue and soreness from holding your little one for long periods of time
  • Post-surgical recovery and scar tissue restrictions and pain


  • Emotional changes and stress: these can be triggered by reduced amounts of sleep, anxiety symptoms and postpartum depression

As a new mom, if you find yourself with one or more of these symptoms massage therapy can help. Our massage therapists will work with your body and help it realign. They’ll work on stretching muscle groups especially in areas like the lower back, glutes, abdominal and pectoral muscles.massage postpartum

They also may use joint play to help realign the bones in your hips and sacrum to reduce pelvic pain and hip discomfort. Scar tissue can be worked on through myofascial release techniques that will increase mobility and decrease pain. It will also help break down scar tissue itself, which will help to decrease inflammation significantly.

Using massage as a technique to reduce stress levels is a very common way massage therapist can help everyone. As a busy mother, you may find that, not only is your massage appointment an opportunity for you to unwind and relax, it will also help you sleep better (and let’s be honest, sleep is everything). 

If you have any questions on how massage therapy can help you, give us a call at 780-705-0444 or book and appointment with one of our registered massage therapists.