Jun 03

Everything you need to know about your first cosmetic acupuncture appointment.

So. You’ve read up on the incredible benefits of cosmetic acupuncture and you’ve booked your first appointment with Rachel. But how do you prepare? What do you need to know? Rest assured, we have that all mapped our for you below.

What should I know before my first appointment?

The most important thing we need from you is to come with a clean face, please! In order to successfully apply the needles, your face needs to be as clean as possible. Moisturizers and oils are fine to use on the face before your appointment. We try not to use alcohol on the face because it is very drying. We offer makeup wipes if you come to your appointment wearing makeup but if you have sensitive skin or a preference for your own cleanser, please keep this in mind.

How long is a cosmetic acupuncture appointment?

Cosmetic acupuncture appointments are longer in length than our other appointments so make sure you’ve cleared some space in your day so you get the full benefits of your appointment time. 

The first appointment is structured a little bit differently than subsequent appointments. 

The initial treatment includes acupuncture needles on the body as well as the facial area. This will make your face less sensitive and reactive to the needles on your face. With cosmetic acupuncture, there is a significant amount of needling on the facial area so this is important. After the initial appointment, all treatments will be focused on the face and neck. 

After your appointment, you can expect some mild redness if you have sensitive skin that will disappear within an hour, but most people leave with a glow. Makeup is ok to apply at any time after your appointment.

How long does it take to work?

Collagen takes 28 days to form, so you will start to see the effects after six to eights weeks, especially if you are coming once a week. We recommend 12-20 treatments depending on what we are working on and then once a month for a “touch-up” treatment after the desired effects are achieved. It is highly recommended to book in for a free consultation for cosmetic acupuncture.

Nutritional advice for cosmetic acupuncture clients

  • Hydrate: drink a lot of water. It helps moisturize the body from within. We all know it. Just do it.
  • Reduce the intake of refined sugars. Sugar is the culprit in your bloodstream that increases a process called “glycation.” Extracellular glucose attaches to proteins in your body making them weak and malformed. The ones in the skin that are prone to glycation are collagen and elastin. These are the proteins that make your skin plump and springy. Consuming refined sugar makes these precious materials more rigid causing your skin to be more prone to fine lines and wrinkles. It also increases free radicals, which have an aging effect on the complexion.
  • Eat antioxidants! These bind to free radicals and keep your skin young at a cellular level. 
  • Eat fat! We’re talking about GOOD fats, not deep fryer fats. Ear more Omega 3, plant-based fat and a little bit of natural animal fat.
  • Eat protein! This is more important than you might think in regards to the health of your skin. Your body actually produces its own collagen. The two things that are needed for collagen production are protein and Vitamin C. While the jury is still out on consuming exogenous collagen, we know for sure that our bodies can produce this on its own. Get on the bone broth trend enjoy a steak dinner from time-to-time. Vegetarian friends: make sure you’re getting enough plant based protein in your diet. 
  • Supplement with Vitamin C, Biotin, and CoQ10. Supplementing with a good quality prenatal (even if you’re not trying to get pregnant) does wonders for your skin, hair and nails. 

We can’t wait to see all of your beautiful faces in clinic! Book your next appointment today.