May 13

Welcome to Edmonton! Tell us a bit about your journey before coming to Monica Patt Acupuncture

Welcome to the team, Lindsay!Before coming to Edmonton, I grew up in Grande Prairie (and other small towns around Alberta). I initially moved to Edmonton at 20 years old to do my undergrad at the UofA. After I finished that, I moved to Toronto for a few years and worked in fine dining restaurants out there. Then, I moved to Calgary to be closer to my family and to start my acupuncture program.

How did you get into acupuncture?

I have always been interested in the human body and knew I wanted to work in healthcare. I was treated successfully with acupuncture by a close friend, which piqued my interest in Chinese Medicine. I really love how holistic TCM is. I finished a 4-year program at CITCM in Calgary and then moved back to Edmonton because it felt more like home for me. Now I’m here to stay!

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I’ve worked in restaurants my whole life and learned quite a bit about food and wine. I really like going out and trying restaurants all over the city to see what they’re doing with their menu and wine list. I’m always on the constant hunt for some new and interesting wine to try. Edmonton actually has a pretty cool up and coming restaurant scene. I live close to the river valley and really like being outside.

I like to go running along the river (mostly because the river has no hills, haha). But I really think Edmonton has one of the nicest river valleys so it’s nice to just grab a coffee and go for a walk to enjoy it. I also read quite a bit, so in the evenings or colder days, it’s not uncommon to find me reading a book. I just finished Michelle Obama’s “Becoming.”

Where is your favourite place to travel?

My favourite place I’ve ever traveled is China. I interned at a hospital in MianYang, Sichuan to finish my schooling, but that aside, China has amazing hiking and tons of history. Everything there is so beautiful and ritualistic. The people are so friendly and so excited to show you about Chinese culture. The town I was staying in is considered more rural, so I really felt like I got to have a cultural experience. It was the perfect place to be hosted in.

Vietnam was really cool to travel in too for the beaches, history and coffee.

What gets you excited about summer in Edmonton?

I’m really looking forward to Folk Fest in Edmonton this summer. I’ve actually never been to it so I made a promise to myself this year that I would go. I am really excited to go to the natural pool in Borden Park this summer too.

I also got a Mammoth pass to the Alberta Museum, so I go all of the time. They have a new Viking exhibit coming out soon that I’m looking forward to seeing. Other than that, I’m just looking forward to the long summer days and the sunshine!

Tell us about what’s on your current playlist

My playlist includes artists like Future Islands, The National, Beirut and Alvvays. I listen to a lot of podcasts about diet/nutrition, but my favourite podcast is the Betches Sup podcast, which is based mostly in feminism and politics… and is hilarious.

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